VP, Supply Chain & Operations

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Naseem A. Malik

Managing Partner


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Nick Lazzara

Practice Director


About Bluecrest


Danbury, CT

BlueCrest is an independent technology company with a long tradition of global leadership in enterprise print, mail and customer communications.  The company develops and produces a broad range of advanced inserting, sorting, enterprise mail, print and customer communication systems and data management software that integrate data with print streams, enabling clients to optimize document output for high-volume production mailers.

The company’s equipment delivers mission-critical services, safeguarding the integrity and compliance of customers’ mailings in addition to automating fulfillment and sortation center operations.  BlueCrest has 10K+ clients throughout 15 countries including Australia, Canada, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom, and Japan.

Formerly the Document Messaging Technologies (DMT) division of Pitney Bowes, BlueCrest was purchased by Platinum Equity Partners in 2018.  The companies employs 1500+ people worldwide, including ~1000 certified technicians and is headquartered in Danbury, CT.

VP, Supply Chain & Operations


    The VP Supply Chain position requires an individual with strong transformational skills. Supply chain hasn’t developed and grown like other areas throughout BlueCrest. The successful VP, Supply Chain will inspire and lead employees to create meaningful change. He/she will assess the existing talent, determine skill gaps throughout the function and build an engaged workforce that’s empowered to innovate and help shape the organization’s future success.


    • Partner with senior management in the development and formulation of long and short-term planning, policies, programs, and objectives related to supply chain management.
    • Develop a foundational plan to control inventory movements, improve demand planning, optimize manufacturing/integration, and reduce overall supply chain costs.
    • Work closely with Product Management, Sales, and Finance to align demand planning to inventory forecasting and cash flow planning and management.
    • Foster and maintain an environment of partnership across the organization to more urgently identify and effectively address opportunities.
    • Forecast demands to ensure efficient material flow and reduce the inventory investment.
    • Implement the use of Kanban to provide flexibility and reduction of production lead times.
    • Develop an optimized transportation and distribution function, supporting inbound and outbound logistics, and optimizing costs, providers (3PLs) and service levels/times.
    • Provide leadership and direction to ensure all Supply Chain processes are consistent with company purpose, values, and policies.
    • Responsible for operations and managing best practices with a strong emphasis on production efficiencies and asset utilization.
    • Engage routinely with key suppliers through regular review processes, innovatively seek other contract manufacturers, and continually evaluate products/processes that should be insourced or outsourced.
    • Expand the use of technology throughout all supply chain areas and establish a D365 expert within the team.
    • Oversee process improvement projects designed to improve delivery performance, logistics optimization, and operational efficiency.
    • Create strategies to leverage processes and systems to foster accurate and efficient reporting to drive YOY improvements.
    • Support development, documentation, and training on warehouse and logistics standard operating procedures and best practices.
    • Ensure compliance with specified contract metrics, while maintaining high standards of operational activities, introducing a lean manufacturing concept where applicable.
    • Develop an annual operating budget and manage a system of controls to ensure service levels and operational performance goals are met within prescribed cost, revenue, and profit parameters.
    • Responsible for building a sustainable and motivated Supply Chain organization with high expectations around process improvement.
    • Maintain knowledge of industry trends and best practices, understanding the current landscape and promoting the continuous review of activities within supply chain functions. (i.e., inventory management, transportation, distribution, and performance).
    • Establish an Employee Health & Safety program for Danbury to ensure a safe working environment.

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • 15+ years of experience in Purchasing/Procurement and Supply Chain functions.
    • 5+ years of experience in a Director or VP level role is required.
    • Exceptional communicator with strong verbal and written communications skills.
    • Ability to delegate and hold others accountable.
    • Strong leadership skills and experience managing large, multi-leveled teams.
    • Strong strategic and innovative thinking skills coupled with demonstrated ability to be hands-on and tactical.
    • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement metrics that drive efficiency, measure performance and reduce costs.
    • Proficient in business-related computer software in a Windows environment (i.e. Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) and ability to navigate the internet.
    • Proficient in Microsoft D365 a plus.

    This position is an on-site role based at company headquarters in Danbury, CT.


    Competitive compensation and benefits package commensurate with experience.



Dennis LeStrange


Dennis LeStrange