Immersion Quality Lead

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Nick Lazzara

Practice Director


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Immersion Quality Lead


    The Immersion Quality Lead owns ensuring PCAs yield a quality level of 99.9% while operating at large scale in immersion cooling. The role draws from deep expertise in PCA and/or silicon reliability in both a proactive environment of preparing product for new market introduction and a reactive context of recovery from a class-level quality issue, post-launch. In the nascent field of immersion cooling, this role works to primarily predict failure modes to prevent, secondarily proposes mitigation responses to actual failure, and third responds to failure with mitigation and close-loop improvement.

    This role will draw on personal experience, critical thinking skills applied in unfamiliar (and even pioneering) areas, and counsel from experts in multiple fields from within the Company and outside. In the pursuit of the quality goals, the role applies best practices from applicable industries for failure mode prediction, categorization, and prioritization for prevention. The role will lead a virtual team of experts in applying these best practices and their collective work influences a larger community within the company and vendor base who design products and processes to support the quality goal.


    • Lead a cross-functional team of company, vendor, and third party experts in the fields of electronics mfg, ch, …in building a quality assessment process that defines manufacturing and operational standards and builds a quality mgmt. system to avoid class quality failures and drives quality measures to 99.9% (or per business standards).
    • Lead and maintain a design and process FMEA to direct team priorities
    • Identify and integrate 3rd party expertise required to more rapidly investigate uncertainty, conduct research, conduct lab measurements, derive insight, more clearly define standards, and direct team priorities.
    • Along with sourcing category managers and component/quality engineers influence mechanical, electrical, and chemical vendors to implement new standards, process methods, test methods, test equipment modifications.
    • Influence internal software tool modifications to conduct targeted tests(rapid time to discovery/failure), add telemetry, measure new standards, and modify processes to meet quality standards.
    • Balance quality standards with cost and speed of delivery.
    • Build accelerated life processes to identify, classify and mitigate failure modes in im… operational environment.

    • Demonstrated skills in forensic science, troubleshooting, and/or class quality issue discovery and resolution for systems that combine electronics manufacturing, temperature, and chemistry.
    • Strong critical thinking skills
    • Able to inclusively lead a multi-discipline team to hypotheses of root causes leveraging approaches such as differential analysis, Ishikawa diagrams, 5 Why…
    • Able to inclusively lead a multi-discipline team to strategize and rapidly execute tests to validate hypotheses and redirect efforts towards accurate conclusions
    • Able to inclusively lead a multi-discipline team to strategize and rapidly execute solutions leverage approaches such as brainstorming, design thinking, 7 Ways, try-storming, fast failure…
    • Able to translate team work into written forms—grammar, graphical, tabular—rapidly, clearly, and accurately
    • Willing to learn new vocabulary, concepts, theorems, algorithms, approaches within the required disciplines (rapidly leveraging global industry expertise and documentation)

    This role is based out of Seattle.


    Competitive compensation and benefits package commensurate with experience.