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Naseem A. Malik

Managing Partner


MRA Global Sourcing

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Schaumburg, IL

Exceptional talent delivered by former Supply Chain Management Leaders

We build teams operating on the frontlines of today’s most challenging Supply Chain crises, tackling complex issues in today’s business world.

We are a talent access firm specialized in the Supply Management function, partnering with companies spanning Fortune 100 giants to VC-backed Hi-Tech upstarts.

Why are we passionate about Supply Management recruitment?

We come from this world; our leadership team consists of former Supply Chain practitioners and current thought leaders.

We want you to save millions, mitigate risk and diversify your supply base by having the right people in place to do so.

And when it comes to A Players, we know what to look for, where to find them and how to catch their attention.

Why Partner with MRA?

  • Expertise


    • We come from the function and remain deeply embedded within it.
    • MRA’s leadership team is long-tenured (avg. 10+ years) and is comprised of former Supply Chain practitioners and thought leaders.



    • Our functional knowledge means we can go in-depth with candidates and find the best-suited matches, with minimal coaching required from our clients.



    MRA has written, presented or held leadership positions with:

    • Institute for Supply Management (ISM) – Leadership Council and Talent Management Committee
    • ISM Chicago Chapter – President
    • Inside Supply Management Magazine
    • Supply Chain Management Review
    • Corporate United/Omnia Partners Synergy
    • Global Women Procurement Professionals (GWPP)
    • Chicago Procurement Council
    • Procurement Leaders
    • Spend Matters
    • Procurious
  • Access

    • Passive Talent Market
      • Via MRA’s functional involvement, we are granted unprecedented access to the coveted passive candidate pool, known for being top performers and thought leaders, who typically make up the top 20% of talent
    • Vast Network
      • MRA has a robust database of over 50,000 professionals
    • MRI Network
      • As a member of the MRI Network, with hundreds of recruitment partner offices worldwide, we offer global and cross-functional search capabilities to our clients.
  • Intel

    • Supply Management Talent Market Intel
      • With a finger on the pulse of the latest trends, MRA deploys a consultative approach to update hiring managers and talent teams, and jointly craft an effective hiring strategy
    • Dynamic Tech Stack
      • MRA associates are empowered with best-in-class tools, including Loxo, a best-in-class AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform, which uses Web 3.0 tech to aide in finding candidates, tracking workflow and providing updates to clients.
    • Data-Powered Decisions
      • As your eyes and ears in the market, we provide actual candidate data points from current/completed searches and market tools to recalibrate efforts, while maximizing our chances of landing candidates.
  • Attention

    Candidate attention is a valuable form of currency in what’s been a candidate-driven market over the past few years. Finding candidates is one thing, but getting them to respond to yours amongst a sea of opportunities is difficult.

    • High Response Rates
      • Due to functional credibility, MRA receives responses at higher rates than the industry from candidates who often ignore recruitment outreach attempts.
    • Selling
      •  As an extension of your talent acquisition team, we develop an attractive message to entice candidates, in alignment with company messaging.
    • Marketing
      • MRA develops customized profiles* to provide an appealing, professional look that informs and catches the eye of job-seekers.


    *Custom profiles are offered for engaged and retained search options

  • Speed

    • Strong Candidates…Faster
      • MRA leverages a comprehensive tech stack and unparalleled access to quickly identify, qualify and present candidates.
    • Quality-over-Quantity
      • Our approach is presenting fewer, better-matched candidates, reducing the timely headache of reviewing dozens of resumes.
    • Condensed, Seamless Interview Process
      • Thorough, two-step vetting done upfront by MRA acts as 1st screening interview.
      • MRA handles interview scheduling to keep things moving forward.
  • Results

    • Time-to-fill
      • Shortened lead-times from onset of search > candidate start date.
    • Employee Tenure
      • Candidates placed by MRA tend to stay longer and grow with our clients, due to thorough vetting process.
    • Cost-Savings
      • Costs are saved in efficient hiring process and major cost avoidance from mis-hires.
      • Procurement candidates placed by MRA consistently deliver double-digit savings (i.e. millions of dollars).
      • Avoid high opportunity cost of extended hiring process
    • Exponential ROI
      • Impactful employees placed by MRA bring 10-20X ROI in terms of cost savings : cost-to-hire.
  • Flexible Offerings


Naseem Malik

Managing Partner

Naseem Malik
Nick Lazzara

Recruitment Practice Director

Nick Lazzara