October 23, 2023

The Four-Day Workweek: Not For Everyone

The evolution of work hours in industrialized countries over the past century tells a compelling story. Six, ten-hour days a week were the norm until the 1950s when we transitioned to the now-familiar five eight-hour workdays. This shift was the result of substantial gains in productivity and the hard-fought efforts of labor movements to secure…

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September 30, 2023

What Skills Do I Need to Thrive in a Changing Supply Chain Profession?

Supply chain practitioners are today dealing with a reality of tariffs, continuity disruption, volatility in pricing, and a shifting global supply base. People currently working in the function are being tested like never before by a tsunami of factors coupled with inflationary pressure. The good news is that there are plenty of smart young practitioners…

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August 28, 2023

Gen Z and Extending Relationships Beyond the Screen

Gen Z may come hard-wired with a digital advantage, but stand-out candidates from this cohort also bring relationship-building, deal-making, and collaboration skills to the table. In a conversation with Melanie Stern as part of ISM’s Supply Chain – Unfiltered podcast series, we discussed generational differences, the productivity technology boom, must-have skillsets, the role of EQ,…

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July 18, 2023

Don’t Let a Company’s Social Purpose Guilt You into Eschewing Better Pay

“I’m sorry, you don’t want to give a dollar to hungry kids?!” In a classic South Park episode about the Wholefoods experience, Randy Marsh becomes increasingly frustrated at being “charity shamed” at the checkout. The checkout operator puts Randy under enormous social pressure until he finally gives in despite his resolve to avoid donating every…

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June 29, 2023

Wondering How to Test a Candidate’s Curiosity? Ask Them About ChatGPT

Procurement professionals don’t have to learn about ChatGPT, but failing to do so suggests a serious dearth of curiosity. As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speed, a consensus is emerging among employers that possessing curiosity and having a willingness to learn is more valuable than specific technical skillsets. It makes more sense to hire…

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May 31, 2023

Looking to Enhance your Employability? Learn the Basics of Prompt Engineering.

It wasn’t long ago that futurists were making a bold prediction about data analytics. Soon, they said, every employee will need to be a data analyst. The argument went that the growing sophistication and accessibility of data analytics software, self-service portals, and features such as data visualization meant that the average employee could work effectively…

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April 28, 2023

Tapping into the New-Collar Workforce

It’s no secret that many workers today are stuck in low-paying jobs, unable to advance simply because they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Yet, at the same time, many companies are desperate for workers and not meeting their diversity goals either. A recent Harvard Business Review article proposed that the way to alleviate this is for employers…

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March 31, 2023

Getting the 4-day Workweek Right

Hail to the 4-day workweek! Or at least that’s what the initial, albeit limited, data shows. According to The Wall Street Journal, 61 UK businesses—ranging from banks to fast-food restaurants—experimented with giving their workers one paid day off a week to see if they could get just as much done while working less. The result?…

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February 27, 2023

The Definition of an Entry-Level Procurement Role is Changing

The role of an entry-level procurement professional has remained relatively unchanged for decades. We’d be willing to bet that some hiring managers have been copying and pasting the same job description since the nineties.  But the rapid acceleration of digital transformation across the enterprise – procurement included – has pushed much of the traditional task-load…

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