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Procuring High-Quality Talent

In the latest edition of ISM Forward Scan, our managing partner, Naseem Malik, examines how CPOs can succeed in their quest for quality talent using their expertise of supply management. He explores how simple procurement practices, including early supplier engagement for products and services, combine with human resources to identify the drivers that help discover and develop talent. Valuable insights into how talent management parallels with procurement, and how it can have a positive outcome in your organization. Read the full story here.  

We post various media and publications in order to provide up-to-date functional knowledge. Through our podcast series, MRA Global provides a comprehensive overview of industry trends, leadership insights, retention strategies and hiring landscapes. Our publications span a wide array of Supply Management topics written by Naseem Malik, Managing Partner at MRA Global. Naseem currently writes and presents for several organizations including the Institute for Supply Management. Please browse the podcasts and publications below and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Have an interesting topic we haven’t covered? Contact us at to send us your ideas!

In this podcast, Scott Ottenheimer, Vice President of QBE North America, discusses his take on innovation and procurement optimization strategies. Scott will co-present at the ISM2016 conference during his track, titled ‘The Leadership Fast Track.’

In this podcast, Howard Levy, VP of Global Sourcing at Zimmer Biomet, discusses the panel he will moderate at the ISM2016 Conference titled ‘Transformation Superchargers-What Private Equity is expecting from Sourcing’. Howard discusses his perspective on the conference with our partners at Source One, and the distinctive educational advantage of each session.

Second in a two-part series in which Nick Lazzara and Kaitlyn Krigbaum wrap up their discussion with Source One regarding the Hiring Process including advice for both candidates and Hiring Managers.

First in a two-part series in which Nick Lazzara and Kaitlyn Krigbaum explore some of the recent hiring and recruitment trends.

Second in a two-part series highlighting the niche focus of our firm and how we develop mutually beneficial relationships with our candidates.

First in a two-part series highlighting the niche focus of our firm and how we develop mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, including Source One.

CPO Reality Check: Are You Really Adding Value?

The concept that today’s CPO has finally arrived and is adding value to the overall organization is one that is definitely in vogue. CPOs realize that gone are the days when delivering cost savings is enough to keep them seated at the senior management table  where they have long sought to be. Supply management executives have to harness these important capabilities and the value they can bring to the company while also staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology, skills and risk mitigation. Read the full story here

Career-on-Demand Generation  How to Connect With the Always Connected

What exactly does the term career-on-demand mean, and how does it impact supply management leaders and their organizations? It simply applies to the Millennial generation  those who are an integral part of today’s workforce and supply chain organizations. Also known as Generation Next or Generation Text, these young workers are considered the Always Connected Generation. Regardless of how they’re characterized, it’s critical for supply chain executives to understand what motivates these young professionals and how best to work with them as they aggressively seek to land jobs with both lateral and vertical growth. Read the full story here

Sharing Value With Suppliers

Without a doubt, the economic downturn was difficult on everyone. But when sparks of life began lighting up the dark financial atmosphere in late 2009, it proved too late for some suppliers to recover. Significant cutbacks in production left thousands of smaller suppliers struggling to remain in business. Overleveraged and financially wounded, many of these suppliers were unable to survive even as their customers began ramping up production. Read the full story here

Front and Center in U.S. Healthcare Reform

The seemingly endless debate currently underway in Washington D.C. and across the United States revolves around healthcare reform. It is fascinating to note the commonality between the practices mentioned for reform and what we use in our world of supply management. Regardless of your political affiliation or opinions on the pros and cons of the current administration’s proposals, our supply management function’s establish ways will be an integral part of the eventual solution. Read the full story here

Leading All Over the World

In this issue of the ISM Forward Scan, Naseem Malik discusses effectively leading teams in an environment of constant change and expansion of organizational and geographical presence. Talent management is crucial to your success as a leader and involves everyone from corporate headquarters to supply management colleagues situated across multiple countries and functions amidst a variety of work and social cultural norms. Without the right talent capable of navigating through innumerous horizontal and lateral challenges, organizations will ultimately see the effects on their bottom line. Read the full story here