Newsflash: Recruiters aren’t mind readers.

While you might want to sit back and wait for a recruiter to work their magic, it’s not that easy. Recruiters will do their best to find a suitable candidate for your position, but they can only work with the information you provide. Failure to communicate wastes everyone’s time, leading to a longer time-to-hire and increased costs to your organization.

Here are 3 ways to equip your recruiter with everything they need to exceed your expectations:

⭐ 1. Outline your expectations. Give recruiters as much information as possible on your long-term recruitment strategy, time scale, budget, and key skills your organization values.

⭐ 2. Collaborate closely. Hiring is often time-consuming and energy-depleting, but it can be streamlined by developing a robust recruiting strategy based on your company’s unique needs.

⭐ 3. Establish a feedback cycle. The more prescriptive feedback you give recruiters about the candidates they’re sending you, the better they can fine-tune the process.