The Foundation to Recruiting Success

As the most recent addition to MRA Global, I have done my fair share of research as to what distinguishes a good recruiter from a great recruiter. The article that resonated with me the most, Want a Job in Recruitment? 6 Must Have Skills by Jorgen Sundberg, summarizes what the author believes are the top skills necessary to “make it” in recruiting. Although I can surely attest to some of these sentiments, I feel it is lacking when it comes to depicting the more genuine side of recruiting. A recruiter can become highly successful with only three key components: transparency, listening skills, and an inquisitive nature.

1. Transparency The first skill the article speaks of is having a salesy nature; however, selling the candidate on the job, or selling the candidate to the client, is not of utmost importance if it becomes obvious there is not a perfect fit. I have carefully observed my peers get the vacancy from the client, gain interest from the candidate, and make a placement, all while operating with full transparency. Although it is their job to gain the interest of candidates/clients by assessing and identifying their needs, they do so by building rapport and instilling trust. They will not attempt to convince a client that their candidate is the best fit, or convince the candidate that the job is their ideal opportunity, if this is not true. Ultimately, a great recruiter CAN sell an opportunity or candidate, but WON’T if it does not benefit both parties involved. Therefore, rather than stating salesmanship as the most important ingredient for success, I would confidently say that transparency is the most important key to success.

2. Listening, not just hearing While I agree, being a .matchmaker. is an integral part of the job, it is important to expand upon what makes a great matchmaker. Whether setting up blind dates for friends, or pairing the ideal candidate with the ideal client, the key to matchmaking is knowing what each is really looking for. How do you learn what someone’s perfect match is? By listening to what they are saying! Ever tried to set up your two friends because you really like them both, only to realize they have nothing in common except for you? This is a common problem when decisions are made based on what you feel is right, versus listening to what the other person really needs. A great recruiter listens to clients and candidates alike, and becomes well acquainted with what each needs in terms of a best-fit scenario. Listening is what ultimately makes placements that last.

3. Inquisitive Nature In this profession, I feel it is less necessary to .talk the legs off a donkey. as it is to ask a lot of questions: A LOT OF QUESTIONS. In order to stand out and create relationships, it is important to get to the root of their problem, ask the “whys” and gain perspective rather than talking their ears off attempting to sell your services. In this profession, the clients and candidates will teach you everything there is to know if you are not afraid to ask. This helps increase your knowledge in the space, as well as create open dialogue. Although not everyone may dream of one day becoming a recruiter, the high-impact nature of the career is perfect for many individuals seeking to help others. It is as equally challenging as it is rewarding, and requires full transparency, perfected listening skills, and an inquisitive nature in order to succeed.